Magical Manhattan Moments

There are many truly magical moments in life - I’ve had lots of those - they make all the hard days worthwhile.  If you’re starting your own business, treasure these occasions.

Celebrate them.  I do.

Bergdorf Goodman

Here’s one magical moment I remember so clearly – and it took place in Manhattan.

By 2004, my client list as a colourist had become international and I was spending one week out of every six working in NYC.  Many clients from that time were Brits then based in the USA -from Plum Sykes (Vogue) to Alice Ryan (luxury brands events/PR for Dior, Valentino, Ralph Lauren), Camilla Long (Sunday Times) and writer/model Sophie Dahl.

Suddenly Bergdorf Goodman (*swoons*) decided to launch four boutique brands, including my “Sacred Locks” and there was going to be a terribly chic cocktail party to present us to their top tier clients. I booked myself into a room at Soho House in the Meatpacking District downtown.  I was unbelievably excited (but trying not to show it because they don’t go in for that sort of thing in Manhattan).  Even though I’d bought a suitcase of clothes with me I decided this was worth a bit of retail therapy.

A short cab ride later I arrived at Madison Avenue and walked straight into Celine and bought a beautiful round neck, soft-soft- cashmere, cropped sleeve sweater.  Then I took a little walk and saw a pair of gorgeous Manolo Blahnik two-tone shoes in black and taupe.  I brought a pencil skirt with me from London - it just hit my knees. The whole look made me feel so very glamorous.

The evening at Bergdorf’s passed in a whirl of conversations, explanations about the ethos and story behind my products and lots of photographs.  Every so often I would sneak happy loving glances at the long shelf with my beautiful products on it, elegantly lit by mini spotlights.

 It was a night to remember.

For a few years I flew back and forth, regularly, between London and NYC, building up a strong client list of top magazine editors and celebrities passing through town.  I made many close friendships during that time and had many wonderful experiences.

 It’s not easy being trans-continental.  It looks so glorious in vintage Grace Kelly movies but the realities are constant jet-lag and a sense of not quite belonging in either place after a while.  In the end, the universe made the decision for me.  I became pregnant with Ophelia and decided to focus on building a nest back in London and re-claiming my life.


Two more children (Daniel and Eleanor) later, I travel a lot less than I used to, but my Manhattan Moments are so clear in my memory and I do treasure them, because so much of what I learned in those years travelling back and forth from London to NYC has informed who I am today.


A-List colourist Louise Galvin has tended the beautiful locks of many famous and fashionable beauties, including Sophie Dahl, Plum Sykes and Patsy Kensit, at her father Daniel Galvin’s salon. Now Louise brings her own Carbon Neutral, natural ingredients haircare product line to the global ecommerce market with the launch of