Vitox A Detoxifying Treatment for the Hair


Vitox A Detoxifying Treatment for the Hair


‘ Louise has been colouring my hair for years.  She is a genius at natural blonde highlights- I always love having a detox in the salon too, it makes my hair feel like new again’

Chrissie Rucker, Founder of The White company

My pioneering 'Vitox' is a vitamin c detoxifying treatment which brightens highlights that are looking dull and are in need of a sparkle. This gentle Vitamin C formulation strips away environmental and product build up, and restores shine and clarity to the hair. 

A unique two-pack chemistry that naturally aids oxygen and vitamin uptake whilst providing a perfect platform for successful colour treatment. 

The combination contains Vitamins C & E, powerful antioxidants for healthy hair, Vitamin B3, necessary for healthy hair growth, Vitamin B5 to maintain moisture levels and Vitamin B6, an essential element to maintain the health of your hair. 

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Top Tip - This is an excellent product if your post holiday hair has taken on a khaki coloured hue from sea water or chlorine
— Louise Galvin