My colourist complained that my highlights were getting stripped until I switched to Louise Galvin Sacred Locks shampoo.
— Megan Deem, Beauty Director, Elle US magazine
The wonderfully natural Sacred Locks products are like heaven for my hair
— Sophie Dahl
I love Louise Galvin’s Thick and Curly hair collection, it leaves my hair incredibly smooth and shiny and they have no chemical nasties!
— Emily Blunt

Louise has a true understanding of hair and a real gift like a painter (Renoir) or musician (Tchaikovsky) – but for Louise it is hair.

I have known Louise since she was 16 (she still looks 16) and there is NO one in the world I would trust more with my hair (which is fine and very difficult).

I love all Louise’s products they’re pure, environmentally friendly and divine for the hair – gives the hair the shiny and healthy look we all deserve. 

She has also produced, a hand and body wash, which in a way has saved our life. I’m surrounded by a family with eczema and the hand wash is superb, and also safe for the grandchildren, which is really important to me.









- Susan Hampshire, London

For some reason (it could be highlights, which have gone blonder for
summer), my usually glossy hair seemed to turn to straw last month. A
serious rescue programme was called for, and I have to give credit to
product which nursed it back to glossiness. Louise Galvin’s Hair Treatment
Masque is an ultra-rich, orange-scented hair mask, which this
second-generation haircolouring guru has created with the very minimum of
chemicals. (The bottle should last for lots of treatments.) I slapped on
Louise’s mask very generously and the results are nothing less than
— Jo Fairley , Co- Founder

The hair is our richest ornament, why not treat it with pure love and respect? As we become more conscious in daily life, why not treat Mother Earth the same?

Thanks to Louise's products my hair is finally free from all the chemical buildup, it is shiny, bouncy and clean -all I do is really wash and go and my hair looks fab.

Thank you Louise, not only for my hair, but also for helping the environment.


- Alex, Yoga Teacher, Ibiza

Keratin Treatment


I just wanted to share my experience of meeting Louise Galvin to discuss my colour options.

I was amazed that Louise’s first recommendation for my hair, was a Keratin treatment. I had been expecting to discuss colour options with her. I was a little hesitant, as I have very thick and very unmanageable hair, which can only be tamed through having a regular maintenance. Even with a blow dry, my hair does frizz quickly. The Keratin treatment is a lengthy process, it took about 3 hours in the Daniel Galvin salon. The time did fly by though, as I had wifi, a delicious detoxifying juice from the bar, and a great time with the girls who did the treatment for me. A huge thank you to Mollie and Demi for your patience and humour. Once the treatment had been applied, it took about 3 days for the keratin to penetrate the cuticle. This means, no pins or ponytails, or washing the hair. So my advice is, don’t plan any big events in the middle of the treatment, as your hair does look poker straight. On day 3 you need to wash your hair with a specific shampoo & conditioner. Louise Galvin’s Sacred Locks Thick & Curly products are perfect for this, as they don’t contain any Sodium Lauryl Sulphate so are effective with any Keratin treatment. I washed my hair, combed it through and left to dry naturally. I noticed the difference immediately. There was no frizz around my hair line, and it looked a lot calmer, and also SUPER shiny. It reminded me of my hair as a teenager, and I finally understood why so many people had been recommending the keratin treatment to me for so long.

It has now been a week since my new frizz free hair has been in full effect. I can even manage a quick blow dry myself, which looks professional and gives me a polished look. If anyone is thinking about Keratin treatment, and you have frizzy hair. I would say GO FOR IT! It really is worth every penny and has saved me a fortune on salon blow dries. I have healthy shiny hair that I just wash and go. It has changed my life.

Thank you Louise!

- Sophia, London


Treatment Masque

I use Louise Galvin’s Sacred Locks Treatment Masque for extra condition.
— Amanda Holden

I used the masque all over my hair and scalp last night, I slept with it on to get the maximum benefit, and hey presto this morning when the masque was rinsed off, the flakes have completely disappeared! and my scalp no longer feels tight! I can't believe it, I didn't expect the masque to have such an immediate effect! I am thrilled! 

My comment might be useful to someone else with a similar problem to me. I was pretty sure my flakes were not dandruff, but down to a dehydrated and dry scalp, and now my suspicions have been confirmed as Louise's masque for curly and thick hair must have worked wonders in nourishing the scalp. I shall continue with this regime once a week to ensure my scalp is kept in optimum condition as well as my hair!

Can't thank you enough.

 - Nina, UK


Colour Remover

Thank you so much! It arrived bright and early yesterday morning.

I tried it last night - it’s fab :-)

I had about 2 years worth of almost black colour build up on the mid to ends of my hair, which is now so much better that I’m just going to use a temporary colour mousse for the next few months to grow out the last couple of inches.

I put on a deep conditioning mask after the second buffer, and it’s super soft and shiny today - I’m delighted.

- Rachael, Cheshire


Hi, I have just received my colour remover treatment yesterday and just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with the result. I have thick long hair which have been using semi permanent dye on for a couple of years and have gradually gone darker and darker. I was so pleased to go back to my natural mid brown shade after using your product. AMAZING! Thank you so much.

- Emma, Carlisle