Q: This shampoo doesn’t seem to lather as much as other brands, why?

A: Louise says, “My products are free from Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, a harsh detergent not only found in cosmetics and skincare but also in engine degreasers! I have chosen to use milder cleansers that thoroughly cleanse the hair without damaging your hair, scalp or the environment. Shampoo hair twice, the first time to lift out product and environmental build up and the second to ensure hair is thoroughly cleansed and ready to be conditioned

Q: I cannot comb my hair after using your shampoo, why?

A: Most shampoos contain silicone, a liquid plastic that coats the hair and makes combing easier. Unfortunately silicone builds up on the hair and will eventually leave hair feeling sticky and looking dull. My shampoos are free from Silicone and cleanse thoroughly. To protect hair, you should never attempt combing through until you have used a conditioner or treatment and then only when you get to rinse the hair, allowing product to penetrate and moisturise. Add extra water to loosen the conditioner and hair, starting from the ends comb hair (with a wide toothed comb) from the bottom, teasing tangles out gently to protect hairs elasticity and prevent breakage, gradually working through the hair until you are tangle free and ready to style.

Q: Your products say ‘Natural Care for Coloured Hair’, I do not have coloured hair is it ok to still use them?

A: Louise says “Lucky you, very few of us don’t colour our hair. The gentle formulations and natural ingredients make all my products suitable for both coloured and uncoloured hair, and ideal for all the family. I was keen to make the formulations as gentle as possible and free from the harmful chemicals found in so many other brands”.

Q: How much shampoo should you use when washing your hair?

A: I recommend shampooing twice, depending on your hair length will dictate how much product you require but as an average I would suggest pouring approximately a 50p piece size into the well of your hand.

Q: How does your shampoo ‘help to protect colour’?

A: Gentle cleansers will not strip synthetic colour, SLS found in other brands are harsh and will strip colour quickly. Megan Deem, beauty editor of US Elle Magazine was accused by her NY colourist of being ‘unfaithful’ and seeing someone else for colour, she was delighted to tell him that it was my Sacred Locks products that were helping to keep her colour more vibrant between salon visits.


Q: I have very fine hair and so do not use a conditioner as I am concerned it will leave my hair feeling weighed down.

A: We all need to use a conditioner, my natural formulations mean the product moisturises and nourishes where it is needed (often only the ends of the hair) and then the rest rinses away, leaving hair shiny. Free from silicone, my conditioners will not build up on the hair or weigh hair down

Q: How do conditioners help to protect colour?

A: Hair that has been moisturised and nourished with a conditioner or treatment will be less porous that dry damaged hair and will then ‘lock in colour’.

Q: I have fine hair but it is curly, which collection should I choose? Fine Hair or Thick/Curly?

A: I believe that curly hair tends to be drier than straight hair, the Thick or Curly Collection has been developed to help define curls, restore moisture and tame frizz so I would recommend the Thick/Curly Hair Products. Remember the natural formulations will not build up on the hair and will treat the hair where it is needed.


Q: Having just returned from a holiday, my young daughter's blonde hair is looking decidedly ‘khaki”, what should I do?

A: Choose my miracle solution, Vitox Highlight Brightener, which is a natural Vitamin C detox for the hair. Use 2 tubs of Vitox powder to one bottle of solution. Apply to dampened hair and leave for 15 mins to really shift those khaki tones (the instructions advise three minute, however longer is required when hair needs a thorough de-tox). The natural formulation is gentle and is safe, even on children!

Q: My undyed grey hair looks a little yellow at the front, can I use the Vitox treatment?

A: No, unfortunately grey hair is very different to natural blonde or dyed hair so will NOT work on grey/white hair.

Q: I am a natural brunette with some lovely natural lights through my hair from being in the sun. My hair is looking a bit dull and ‘tired’ from using lots of styling products, will Vitox work for me?

A: Yes, my Vitox Highlight Brightener will definitely condition your hair and make those natural lights look brighter and glossier, use as per the instructions to really condition and infuse your hair with Vitamins for gorgeous, shiny, healthy hair.

Q: Someone told me the reason my highlights are looking brassy is because of copper deposits in our water system, is this true?

A: Yes our water has all sorts of mineral deposits that can dull highlights as can chlorine, product build up. Vitox is the perfect way to lift out those brassy tones and keep your lights looking fresh and vibrant for longer.

Treatment Masque

Q: Should I use the treatment after shampooing and conditioning my hair?

A: No, the treatment is for use after shampooing to restore shine and moisture to hair. Use in place of your conditioner as an intensive conditioning treatment. Great for on holiday when hair is subject to sun, sand and chlorine and also through the winter months when hair is dried by central heating. Whenever possible use twice a week to keep hair looking shiny and healthy.

Do you have questions about Louise Galvin hair care products?

If your questions about the range aren’t answered in our FAQs, you can also get in touch via our contact page. Louise Galvin has over 20 years' experience in the hair industry and her in depth knowledge enabled her to create the revolutionary ‘Sacred Locks’ natural hair care line, as well as heavenly body care products. Not only is Louise Galvin the first carbon neutral beauty company in the United Kingdom, but all the products are Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) free. All of the natural shampoo, conditioner and treatment products combine ingredients of the highest standards to leave your hair with the shine and feel you expect from a salon hair care line, but with the knowledge your hair is healthy and nurtured too.