Why I Need Yoga

I have always enjoyed pilates and have been very active throughout my life.  That all came to a standstill when I met my wonderful husband. I became a step mother to 4 wonderful children, and had 3 small children of my own quite quickly. Juggling working life and small children left little time for me. Things became quite difficult after my little boy became unwell. This meant that I was over emotional and over tired. During this period I had bouts of pneumonia and chest infections. I was run down, and had no energy to enjoy my wonderful family, let alone think about my physical needs. A dear friend of mine had been telling me  that yoga had helped her cope with some difficulties in her life. Yoga helps to build on body strength, and also meditation which helps to focus the mind. 

I have recently started doing yoga with a great teacher, who has transformed how I think about my body and my approach to life. Not only am I feeling stronger, but I find I have more energy to deal with all the schedules in my life. I am also feeling calmer, and taller.

In my last class we discussed the importance of how we walk. As humans we tend to walk heel to toe, but make a conscious effort to walk toe to heel, and notice how you immediately walk taller, with better posture. Do think about how you can create more strength for your body. It benefits all areas of your life, and will make you feel invigorated and ready to face anything that life can throw at you unexpectedly.